Saturday, January 28, 2012

Art Of Happiness Lies In You

Do you know what is the most elusive and coveted thing in the world? The one thing that everyone hankers for, but very few actually manage to get it. For most people in this world, the most coveted thing in this world would probably be a material object, and in order to achieve that, the most desired object in this world has become money. However, what everyone actually yearns for and wants is not these material objects, but happiness. We need to realize this eternal truth ourselves that the art of happiness lies in us.

We want material comfort because we think that by obtaining these objects we will be happy. However, does anyone actually know what is the art of happiness, how do we go about achieving this? Money and material goods certainly do not bring in happiness. How many celebrities have committed suicide in spite of having every possible riches simply because they could not master the art of happiness?

People from all over the world, travel to the Himalayas to search for this art of happiness. However, the simple truth of the matter is that the 'art of happiness lies in you'. Yes, each one of us can master this art of happiness ourselves without having to do penance or by living an ascetic's life. We are the makers of our own happiness, and we also have the power to master this art of happiness ourselves.

The first and foremost thing is to be peaceful. We should have a clear heart, and should not involve ourselves in petty politics, or demeaning others behind our back. We should have a clear conscious, and do only those things which we think are correct. The worst possible thing that one can do is to lie to oneself, and one can never achieve the art of happiness in such a way.

Art of happiness can also only be achieved if one is not greedy for more. In today's world, we are never satisfied or happy with what we have; we constantly want more and this cycle never stops. Therefore, in order to master this art of happiness, we should be happy with what we have, and not crave for more than what we can achieve. We should appreciate our life and be grateful for whatever God has bestowed upon us.

One can realize that it is easy to achieve happiness by simply respecting others. If we do not respect our elders, our family members, our colleagues, and fellow human beings, we can never learn the art of happiness. The key to art of happiness lies with you. Only your actions and good deeds will help you learn and appreciate this art of happiness.

How to Build on Your Success by Becoming More Decisive

Are you the type of person that makes decisions quickly or do you find it difficult to make your mind up? When it comes to getting a job done and meeting a deadline your success can depend on the ability to be decisive. Many people fail to meet deadlines because of indecision. Not only do they let people affect their ability to make prompt and definite decisions but they hesitate due to factors involving their own decisiveness.

Procrastination is a weakness that many of us may face on a daily basis. The ability to be decisive when it comes to avoiding distractions is important if you are to succeed in reaching your potential. Too many people make excuses for not chasing their goals early on in life continuously putting there dreams to one side and saying they will come back to them when “the time is right”. However, you only have a chance of succeeding in reaching those aims if you start acting immediately.

The biggest achievers of this world have shown that their success comes from quick decisive action and the ability to take stock of situations when things do not go to plan and to change decisions when necessary. Henry Ford was an example of someone who used his decision making ability to full effect. Some might say he was so determined when he made a decision that he was stubborn. His model T car was made despite the advice of many of his staff who said it would be the ugliest car around. Although this turned out to be partly correct and the car was not as successful as other models, Ford still stuck to his guns and made a fortune from the model. Now, regardless of what would have happened if he had scrapped it, Ford showed that by being strong minded and decisive he was able to make something succeed that most people doubted.

To become more decisive you need to be able to ignore the opinions of others. If you want to make sacrifices and chase your dream doing something that satisfies your inner desires, you need to listen to your self and no one else. Friends and family may try to discourage you from your goals as they may think they know what is best for you. However, your burning desire to succeed at something should be all the encouragement you need to take those first steps towards achieving immediate goals.

One major problem with the education system is that it does not teach the youth about the working world enough. Too many students work their hearts out trying to get the best grades they can only to find that they have no idea what to do with themselves after graduating. Schools, colleges and universities do not encourage people to make decisions before they finish studying and so the habit of indecision stays with people as they go into work. It may be necessary to take any job straight away after leaving your studies behind you whilst you think about what you want to do with your future. However, many will find that they are stuck in that same job a year or more later and are unable to climb the career ladder.

You need to find the courage to make a definite decision about your future. You should sit down and analyse yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, what you think you are capable of and what you want to achieve in life. Then you must do your own research and not be held back by others or hold yourself back by procrastinating.

Become Successful In Body, Mind, Spirit, and Skill By Using Personal Development

Have you heard of Personal Development Programs? Are you interested in taking the path to personal growth and success?

What is personal development? Quite simply, it is a focus on the self and the development of your mind, skills, body and spirit.

Personal development cleans out the dusty corners of procrastination and stagnation and replaces them with clean, well-organized plans for the future.

You can hire a Personal Coach to help you straighten out your priorities and focus on your strengths. You can hire a Personal Trainer to help you develop your body.

When you set a goal for personal development, you usually focus on a number of areas:

Time Management vs. Procrastination
Learning to control your time by setting a schedule and listing action items to accomplish. Setting a schedule and sticking to it so you don't keep putting things off.

Organization and Productivity
Organizing your house and your life so that you can find things. Get rid of things you don't need and never use. Get productive by delegating things YOU don't need to do yourself, and by prioritizing the things you have to do, so that the important things get done first.

Goals and Milestones
Establish WRITTEN goals and assign dates to the goals. If they are long-term goals, establish milestones along the way so that you can achieve smaller goals and work toward the long-term final goal.

Values and Ethics
Write down your personal values. What is it that you hold dear? What matters the most to you in life and what values and ethical standards do you want to preserve? Add to these as you think of more things you want to capture on paper.

Good Health and Fitness
Work on your diet, exercise and lifestyle to preserve good health. This good health preserves mental clarity and physical vibrancy so that you can achieve your other goals.

Spirituality and Relationships
Focus on your family, friends, and co-workers and envision how you want your relationships to grow and thrive. Consider your spiritual side and delve into meditation or study philosophy or Eastern religions as a way to expand into deeper thought and consider the meaning of your life and your journey.

A Personal Coach will help you structure your personal development program and guide you through the steps to achieve your goals.

But, you can certainly do this on your own. There are self-study programs and books and articles on the subject. Armed with nothing more than a list of the personal areas you want to address, you can make your own lists, and begin to record your thoughts about personal priorities and defining your own success.

How to Use Self-Development Exercises To Achieve Success

Everyone wants to be as successful as they can be both in their professional and personal lives. How to achieve those lofty goals, however, is the subject of some debate. One of the proven methods for achieving personal growth and career success is the use of various self-development exercises.

There are a number of different self-development methods around, and which one works best will depend on a number of factors, such as your own personality, your own strengths and of course your personal and professional development goals.

One of the best ways to use self-development is to use it to prioritize your professional and personal goals. Since it is impossible to do everything, it is important to make a list of the things that are most important to, in terms of both your career and your personal life. Knowing what your goals are is of course the first step toward realizing those goals. It is vital that you know what is most important to you is an extremely valuable part of the self-development process.

If you need help getting started on your self-development project, there are certainly a great many resources available. Your local bookstore probably has shelves full of books devoted to self-development and self improvement, and these subjects are covered in a number of magazine articles as well.

In addition, the Internet provides a wealth of self-development as well. There are an enormous number of web sites, newsgroups and discussion areas available focusing on all aspects of career development, personal growth, achievement,, success and self-development. These web sites can be quite valuable when trying to determine just which approach will work best for you.

It may be a good idea to record your self-development goals in written form. Having a written document, no matter how informal, can be a big help in achieving your goals. Simply seeing your self-development written in this way can spur you to action, and help you see the big picture of what you are trying to achieve. After all, self-development is a big part of success, but it is hard work as well.

Understanding that self-development is hard work, and that it can be a long process, is important to achieving success. It is best not to think of self-development as a goal in and of itself. Rather, self-development is a means to be used to achieve your goals of greater success and a more fulfilling personal and professional life. Once you understand the ultimate goal of your self-development exercises you will be in a much better position to make your goals and dreams come true.

No matter what area you choose to focus your self-development on, it is important to work at it consistently, and to persevere. Self-development is not a single goal; it is more of a journey than a destination. Once you have decided on your specific goals, and addressed the best ways to achieve your goals, your self-development plan can start in earnest.