Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Intentional Focus: Your Happiness, Your Success, and the Law of Attraction

What have you been focusing on lately? On how well life is going for you? Or on how much business you’ve been doing compared to last year, or how well your superiors have been rating you? Or on how much your partner loves you and how much you revel in the relationship you’re having? On the excellent state of your bank account? On your ever-present good health and slim and trim physique? Or on the joy you experience each time you sit down to dinner with your teenage children? On the wonderful vacation you came back from recently and the even more exciting one you are planning for the near future? Or on the good way you feel about yourself and all the things you are creating and doing with your life?

What You Think is What You Are

I can just hear you spluttering. “What kind of romantic thinking is this? Where do these ideas come from? I don’t know anybody who thinks like that.”

True. Most people don’t think like that. In fact, most people think the exact opposite of that. Most people concentrate on all the things that are going wrong with their lives. Most people spend much of their time thinking about their problems and wondering how they are going to solve them. Most people think about all the things that could go wrong with their lives or about the people or events that stand in the way of their success. Most people think and think and think about whatever it is that worries them, because they believe that that is the way to resolve the problem. The fact is that most people focus so much on what they are afraid of, or what bothers them, or what stresses them, or what they don’t know how to solve, that they are giving all or most of their conscious and subconscious energy to a negative outcome – the problem.
What Kind of an Outcome Do You Want?

Consider this: the more you give your energy to one thing, the more that thing has a possibility of coming into being. If you concentrate on getting a university degree, you will most likely achieve that goal. If you concentrate on writing a book, you will again probably achieve that goal. But what happens if you continually tell yourself, while you are concentrating on getting the degree, that you are not intelligent enough to pass the exams, or that you simply are incapable of understanding the course material? And what happens, if you continually tell yourself while you are concentrating on writing the book, that you will never be able to write well, or that your story is not good enough? Obviously you are not only undermining yourself and sabotaging your desired outcomes, but you may also be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Focus and Intention

So what can you do? Let’s assume you are convinced that you lack the intelligence to pass the exams. Or that you are convinced that you will never write well. You have a goal, and that goal is to get a degree or to write a book. In order to focus on that goal, your mission is to ensure that your thoughts are aligned with – or intentionally focused on - that goal. Therefore, whenever your thoughts stray from the goal into negative territory, you need to pull them back into the arena of positive results.

Goals and Fears

But focusing on a desired goal is very hard for a very simple reason: we are far too used to focusing on the fears surrounding the goal (I am so afraid I will never have a great relationship, rather than imagining in your mind’s eye the great relationship in the way you want it to be; or how will I ever get that promotion rather than imagining in your mind’s eye the way you will feel when you do get the hoped-for promotion).

How to Focus

So how do you focus? When you worry, and your mind goes around and around a problem, or some stress in your life, you are very focused on the problem. It is exactly at that moment that you need to re-focus and see your desired goal or outcome in your mind’s eye, rather than all the problems you associate with it. The more time you spend on whatever it is you want to have in your life – whether this is a material goal, a professional goal, a relational goal, or whatever – makes absolutely no difference, the more you will be in a position to achieve it, to attract it into your life. The more you think – and focus – on that goal in a positive way, the more you allow yourself to "feel" the way you would feel if you already had the results, the more likely it is that you will attain your desired outcome. This is the Law of Attraction. 

Intentionally Re-focus on the Positive

Remember: the time you spend worrying about the desired outcome is time spent focusing on the opposite of what you want, so become very aware of all your thoughts and focus them in the right direction. Do this consistently each time you catch yourself thinking the negative version of your goals until intentionally re-focusing on the positive becomes second nature.  This habit is like strengthening a muscle, if you do it every day, it will happen more and more frequently and naturally, and soon you will find that not only do the majority of your thoughts and feelings focus on the positive direction of your goals, but that those positive goals become part of your reality.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Are You Chasing the Elusive Butterfly of Happiness?

For many people happiness is an elusive butterfly in the garden of life. Imagine a young child in the garden on a summer day. The child sees a beautiful butterfly flitting from flower to flower. With eyes of wonder the child wants to see it close up, touch it, and hold it in their hands. The child goes towards the flower that the butterfly is resting on, with arms out stretched, only to find as he just gets in reach, the butterfly moves to another flower. Undeterred the child follows the butterfly to the next flower, and then the next, but the butterfly always stays just out of reach.

As adults, happiness can seem just like that butterfly, always just out of reach. It becomes almost an obsession and the words “if only…” become an increasingly large part of our thoughts and vocabulary. If only I had more money I would be happy, if only I was in a great relationship I would be happy, if only I could have a different job……….and the list goes on. Even if we achieve one of our “if only “desires, the happiness we seek is still just out of our reach. The truth of the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” becomes our focus and perception. If this becomes our focus, we find that dissatisfaction and unhappiness increasingly keep growing in our life and experience.

The unhappiness within us cannot be completely satisfied by external events or circumstances. To find happiness in life we must first be at peace with ourselves internally. External events and circumstances can bring us happiness in the moment, but they do not have a lasting effect on our inner self. Life experience brings a mixture of good and bad circumstances to everyone. To rely on life’s experiences for our source of happiness would mean living life in a constant emotional roller coaster ride.

Happiness comes from within. The inner contentment that survives the roller coaster ride of life has its roots deep within our being. The source of happiness comes from finding and embracing who we are as a person, and living a life of purpose. We need to find peace in every aspect of our life- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To discover acceptance, purpose and peace in all of these areas will give a sense of completion in life. If we neglect any one of these areas, we experience a sense of emptiness and feel something is missing. There is not a solid foundation for building happiness within, but we then, typically start to try to fill this incompleteness by looking for outside solutions. That is the point when we can fall into the ‘elusive butterfly’ syndrome, and experience such frustration.

Is happiness an elusive butterfly for you? Spend some time in quiet reflection. Are you neglecting one of the four important parts of who you are and experiencing a sense of emptiness within? The more you discover, embrace and accept your uniqueness and purpose, the more you will experience the butterfly of happiness alighting on your shoulder.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

7 Motivational Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Words are free for us to make, string together, and dispense with but there are times in life when only the right words can make us feel better. We know what we want to hear or say but the right words simply don’t come to mind. It is in these times that motivational quotes prove their worth. Motivational quotes summarize everything we feel, expect, and believe in. We use them to be inspired and become better.

Be more motivated today, tomorrow, and for the other days to come with the carefully chosen motivational quotes below.

Focus on remedies, not faults ~ Jack Nicklaus

Mistakes are so difficult to forget while the good things in life have an ephemeral existence in our minds. But why should we let our minds dwell on mistakes? What good can it do? The only time we should think about our faults is for the purpose of learning from them. Upon achieving that, we should focus next on remedies and move on.

Anger and haste hinder good counsel ~ English Proverb

Motivational quotes shouldn’t be exclusively used for creating happy thoughts and feelings. They should also be used to get rid of unhappy ones and give way for something nicer, warmer, and brighter. Anger is one such emotion and you can use the motivational quote below to remind yourself how futile and destructive anger can be.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are many ways to apply this quote to our lives. If you have a goal, mere wanting is inadequate. You must have a burning desire for it. For that matter, enthusiasm isn’t something to be embarrassed about. A world-weary outlook on life may be considered fashionable but such affectations won’t make you any happier. Be glad you have something to be excited about for these are the things that make life worthwhile.

Every man is the architect of his own fortune ~ Sallus

Do not blame God or anyone else for your misfortune. It is useless to do so. You need to strive above all things because it is your life and everything that happens to you is within your power. True enough, some things can’t be achieved overnight but if you work hard enough and believe in yourself, you will get what you want no matter what obstacles you’re facing.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid ~ Audre Lorde

Don’t waste time dwelling on your fears and insecurities. Rather, concentrate on discovering your strengths and finding out the best way to put them to use in order to achieve your goals. When you do that, you’ll become too busy to ever remember to be afraid.

Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Yes, hope is something everyone knows and understands but it’s not something everyone can do and do repeatedly. Hope takes practice. Moreover, it requires constant practice because it’s the only path to happiness. In that line, do remember another important motivational quote, from Horace this time: Never despair!

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Explaining this quote would be made easier with the use of yet another quote: courage is not defined by the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.