Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life Is Wonderful!

It is so simple and so easy to get what we want that we have a hard time to believe it. We are programmed to do things the hard and difficult way, in order to get what we want. We cannot believe that we can get anything without hard labour, sweat and tears, obstacles and misery.

This is nothing else but a tough old programming, a conditioning from our childhood. If you are like me, you were bombarded as a child with expressions from adults about how hard life is and how we have to struggle to get something. We were submitted to a hazardous universe or a God of revenge who could pick us out without any reason to take revenge on us for something we did wrong. We needed to avoid being bad or wrong, but disease could strike us anyway. Sometimes they even said : “It’s again a good one who’s punished, and the bad one take off easily like usual without paying anything!”. We learned that life wasn’t fair. We lived in fear and thought life was a valley of tears, fear, struggle, pain, disease and death?

How would it have been if they’ve told us the truth? The truth, nothing but the truth? That life is easy, wonderful. That miracles happen all the time and that we have the  power to make them happen in our own life! That the universe loves us. That there is wealth and health for everyone. That we don’t live in a universe of scarcity but of abundance. That we only have to put the right thoughts in our heads to make these dreams real for us.

What would your life have looked like if your parents and teachers would have taught you the truth?

You would have suffered much less! You would not have believed you were less than nothing. You would not have been filled with fear over your ears of getting sick or failing, of being stupid or being not good enough.

If you would have known from the beginning that you were a creation of the Creator, that you will always remain, that you will always be around, that you were created for a reason, and when you find this reason you will be happy, what would your life look like now? If you were told that you had talents, unique qualities, that make you a special person, and that you are on earth with the mission to offer these talents to others, where would you be right now and what would you be doing now?

Isn’t it nice? The Genius who created this whole thing did really well : we are sent to earth with a mission and to be able to assume our mission we are already fully equipped from the beginning : we are gifted with natural talents and all we have to do is develop our talents and offer them to the world! Simply said, we have to do what we can do easily already and what we are talented for, and then happiness, satisfaction, love, money and everything we want comes flowing our way!

It is so beautiful, this concept! All we have to do is to do what we love! And of course we need to stop at once to think we don’t deserve happiness or wealth or health. All these thoughts are wrong because they go against the principles of creation of the Universe.

We are already wonderful! We are already loved! We are already rich! We are already free! We are already intelligent! We are already healthy!

Why? Because we were all this before we started our life. It is the way we really are. It is the way we were created, we were born. This is the truth about ourselves. Everything else is “learned” afterwards.

The good news is whatever is learned can be un-learned. Every programming can be changed and replaced by a new program.

And again, life is wonderful, because a positive thought is 10,000 times more powerful than a negative thought. So you don’t have to take another 40 years to undo the negative conditioning in your head. One positive thought can counterbalance 10,000 negative ones.

Can you imagine? Aren’t we lucky?

If you choose to do so, you can rapidly turn around your negative program in your head. Go to the bookstore, buy some books with positive thoughts, put them at every toilet in the house, in the bathroom, in your bedroom, in your living room, and read them whenever you think of it or see them. It doesn’t matter if you read one page after another or if you just open the book as it falls in your hands. The message you will receive will be the right one for you at that very moment.

Every morning you start your day by saying thank you to the Universe for your bed, your house, the roof over your head, the people living with you, the water coming out of your tap, the light switching on by a simple gesture of your hand, the food available, the choices you can make that day, the love you received in your life and the love you will receive, the miracles which will happen today and the air you can breathe.

In your car, listen to CD’s or cassettes with positive programming. Listen to them while you make dinner, clean the house or iron your clothes.

Surround yourself with positive people and stop nourishing negative social talk. Don’t watch television unless there is some really positive program on.

There is a lot you can do to take a positive turn in your life. Don’t think you can do nothing. You are responsible for your life now. Make your choice! Know that every thought you think is either one which will weaken you, or one which will make you feel stronger.

The Choice Is Yours!

Author: Ineke Van Lint


  1. Excellent post, Shelly. Thanks for putting some wonderful words of uplifting information.

    Please keep up the great work!

  2. Love it, will try to follow, it's hard but so true

  3. I so agree and love the TV part you mentioned.
    News channels have become depression channels....
    I think TV should be used for training purposes (learning something new) or destress (comedy movie or something)

    First i used to think, what will people way, but now i am like i dont care what others think, i will cut down my TV time.

  4. Very nice, thanks for emailing me this, good post.

  5. Good article, but it is not your own. You should give credit to the real author, Ineke Van Lint, who wrote this in 2006.

  6. Hi Stefan, thanks for letting me know. This article was a PLR article with no author name otherwise I would have put this on and have done now that I know. I always add author names if I have them as I would always give credit to the real author for writing such a great article.

  7. Great post! Life experience is all down to the internal dialogue we have with ourselves or the communication we have with ourselves if you like? It's a great tip to use positive statements, thoughts and visualisation before you start your day and of course before you go to sleep. The trick is to gradually switch your default setting to 'positive' rather than the opposite. A lot of people have to work hard at being positive and happy it seems but what if the reverse were true. What if you actually had to work hard to feel bad? Granted, some of us would probably still do it from time to time :) LOL...But as I said before, it's all about changing your default setting to one which empowers you and leaves in a state of happiness. Why? Because you can Be, Do and Have anything you desire when you are happy.

    I have so much more to share with you here...

    Have a great day!

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