Sunday, April 1, 2012

Personal Development: 2012 Has Now Begun

Let me firstly wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2012 be your very best year to date. May you either use this year to start your journey or continue it as you progress in your development to be the best you that you can be. It is after all the greatest gift you can bestow on this world.

As I sit here and write this post, I have had time to reflect on 2011 and how I see it in the bigger scheme of things. No matter what happens from this point on, 2011 will always be classed as one of the most amazing years of my life. Not because I achieved great success or accomplished huge goals. Not because all my wishes and dreams came true. Far from it to be honest. What is remarkable about 2011 is the profound effect it has had on me as a man, human being and perhaps most importantly, who I wish to become.

Events throughout the year have kept me focused on my journey of personal development. When I hit times of total and utter despair, times when I would get home and sit in my room, full of doubts, sadness and absolute lack of believe in myself. Moments of hairs standing up on the back of your neck would happen, that would wash away all the negative things and instill belief again that I was doing the right thing and that as long as I kept going, no matter what ups and downs were to happen, that I would be ok.

The Law of Attraction was something that I had become aware of this year, through reading books, watching videos and listening to audio recording. I wont sit here and write that I was a believer in all this to start with. I would be lying if I said I did. What I have grown to appreciate though, is that if you are committed to becoming the best you that you can be, if you are consistent in your journey and you do something every day, no matter how big or small that may be. If you show determination to work through all the difficult and tough moments. If you know deep in your soul that you can make a difference. Then those three little words ' Law of Attraction ' becomes something that will fundamentally change your life and your outlook forever. I had never been someone who you would say had faith, in anything to be honest. 2011 has made me for the first time in my life have faith in people, have faith in the journey and have faith that attracting what you wish and dream of can happen, if you are willing to go through what is required to become the greatest you.

If I were to leave this world tomorrow I would wish to pass on this one little bit of advice. Begin your own journey. Be brave to believe you can be great. Be brave to think you deserve more. Be brave to be the very best you can be, because I tell you this as someone who 12 months ago would have read this and thought I was full of shit. Your journey is worth every single thing you will go through. Every up and down, every twist and turn, every negative thought and positive action. One year of this has over shadowed everything I have done in my previous 37 years. Surely that says it all, it does for me at least.

In closing I just want to say, I am still full of fear. I leave my job 14th February 2012 with nothing set in stone. I still have the very real possibility that I may have to declare myself bankrupt. I feel sick every day at that thought. YET! The excitement and joy I feel deep within me makes it worth every unknown day that is about to happen. I beg, plead and prey, that who ever reads this, plucks up the courage to really go on their own unique journey. I promise you with ever fibre in my body that it will be the single best adventure you will ever do. I love you all and say this because of that very thing, you do deserve to do it. Be brave, be bold and GO FOR IT.

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